Monday, August 9, 2010

You Can Live Like a Pioneer & Local Bloggers Write About The Museum

Our Laura Ingalls Wilder Days event was a big a hit. We had families enjoying pioneer life all over the village this past weekend!

Did you know that you can come and live like pioneers at the museum for an entire weekend? You'll live in the Pioneer Homestead, (this includes sleeping!) make your meals over an open hearth, tend to the animals, haul your own water, pick your own vegetables and experience life like a 19th century pioneer, complete with period costume. If you've seen the PBS show, Frontier House, you'll be doing something similar (hopefully without all of the drama!)

Check out this blog post by a family who took part in our Pioneer House Program!

For more information on the Pioneer House you can click here. For an application, you can click here.

Local Folks Enjoying The Museum!
For more blog posts featuring the museum, check out the links below!

Scott Pitoniak talks about our Vintage Baseball League-Note, even though he references the tournament this past weekend, we have ball games going in through the end of the season!

A local family talks about their recent visit to the museum!

Another local blogger whose daughter volunteers at the museum wrote posts about our Civil War Reenactment & Meeting Dean Butler!


  1. Thank you for the shout out! I'll be posting a full post tomorrow about our day at the Laura Ingalls Wilder Day!

    It really was a good time....and the weather was perfect!

  2. My full blog post is up. It details our visit this past weekend. I'm also going to be doing a weekly post on the museum.