Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Singers Welcome!!!

Singers Welcome!

Do you enjoy singing? Do you sing with another choir or group? How about your spouse, family or friends? If this sounds like you, (or your spouse, family or friends) please consider joining the Genesee Harmonic Society this season.

The Harmonics invite singers to attend three free workshops on vocal techniques taught by Gian Carlo Cervone, the director of the Genesee Harmonic Society. Join us for some reminders, new ideas and practice to improve your singing, especially in a group. The workshops will be held from 4 to 5:30 p.m. at GCV&M on March 23rd, March 30th and April 6th. The sessions in past years have been found to be both enjoyable and helpful by those who attended and many people have returned every year to participate. The exercises and activities are fun and the workshops are conducted in a low-pressure manner so that even singers with little experience are comfortable. The workshops this year will include techniques to improve personal singing skills (breathing, intonation, dynamics, sight-reading), as well as choral singing skills (blending with a section following a conductor, working with and without accompaniment, diction) and matters of musical interpretation (group phrasing and expression).

The Genesee Harmonic Society is a group of thirty volunteers and staff who practice weekly during the regular season. This year the Harmonics will perform five concerts at the museum – the first on Memorial Day and then four other Sundays throughout the season. The group sings choral music from all periods and of all types. New members are always welcome.

Contact Anne Rodgers for information on the workshops or joining the Genesee Harmonic Society at or 294-8275.

Registration required.

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