Friday, September 3, 2010

Important Date Change For Fireworks Extravaganza/Beatlemagic Show

Please Note, the date of  our Fireworks Extravaganza/ Beatlemagic Show has been changed from Saturday September 4 to Monday September 6 because of weather and saftey considerations. All previously purchased tickets will be honored.

Because of the forecasted rain, cold, wind and saftey considerations, our Fireworks Extravaganza/Beatlemagic Show has been changed from Saturday September 4th to Monday September 6th. This will insure that we are able to put the show on as well as provide the most comfortable, safest and enjoyable experience for our guest!

All of the things we have scheduled for this special event, including Beatlemagic, food and drink vendors and 19th century crafts and games will take place on Monday the 6th as well!

You will be able to make reservations for this event through Sunday Septermber 5th . Tickets will be avaliable at the door on Monday, however, reservations are still encouraged for this event as it is one of our biggest and most popular events.

Tickets are also avaliable online until Monday morning.


  1. Hi Brenda,

    Yes, in fact, everything that we have planned for the event will take place on Monday! You'll just be drier that if we had it on Saturday ;-)

  2. That's too bad; I was really looking forward to it. I was supposed to volunteer for it tomorrow, but won't be able to make it Monday. Oh well, we definitely don't want the guests to be rained upon!