Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Letter From Our President & CEO Peter Arnold, in regard to our Fireworks Extravaganza

We deeply apologize for the disappointment and inconvenience caused by the equipment failure at last night’s Fireworks Extravaganza.
As explained by the representative from Young Explosives, the malfunction made it impossible to detonate the fireworks using their computerized system. The part that failed simply could not be repaired or replaced in time for the show and it was far too dangerous to fire the big shells manually.
This was especially disappointing since, as you are all too well aware, we rescheduled from Saturday because high winds exceeded the safety parameters for launching fireworks.
In order to rectify the situation, museum staff is currently working on a solution that will equitably compensate all ticket holders for their loss.  Letters will be going out September 9 to all guests who attended the event, outlining what options are avaliable to them.
Thank you again for your patience and understanding and please accept our most sincere apologies
Peter Arnold
President & CEO
Genesee Country Village & Museum


Here are answers to some of the questions you may have regarding this event.
Frequently asked Questions:
1.     What happened with the fireworks show? Why was it cancelled?
Our unique fireworks program is synchronized with music and narration and therefore completely computerized. The firing mechanism used in conjunction with the computer system failed shortly before the show was to begin making it impossible to ignite the fireworks program. The equipment failure could not be repaired or replaced in time for the show.
Although the set pieces could be safely fired manually, the aerial and ground level fireworks were too dangerous to be fired individually by the fireworks personnel.
2.     Why didn’t Young Explosives have a backup?
It’s a good question and we don’t have the answer at this time – it will be one of the issues we discuss with them in the coming days.
3.     How will the Museum rectify the situation?
In order to rectify the situation, museum staff is currently working on a solution that will equitably compensate all ticket holders for their loss.  It will include a refund option as well as some other options.
4.     When will the decision be made?
We will reach a decision in this regard, and subsequently be in touch with everyone, by Wednesday (9/8/10). Please watch our web-site, but feel free to contact us as well.
5.     What if I bought my tickets the night of the show with a credit card? Will I be charged?
No, we will not process your credit card. 
6.     What if I bought my tickets at Wegmans?
Each person will be compensated regardless of how the ticket was purchased. If you purchased your tickets from Wegmans please call the Museum directly at (585) 538-6822.
7.     Will the Fireworks Extravaganza be rescheduled?
Due to the Museum’s schedule and the unpredictable weather conditions during this time of year, the show will not be rescheduled in 2010.
8.     Will the Fireworks Extravaganza be held next year?
The Museum plans to hold the Fireworks Extravaganza again in 2011.


  1. Nobody can blame the Museum and nobody is more disappointed than the Museum, I'm sure. I think any reasonable person would realize that you do your best to put on a good show.

  2. Thank you so much for your understanding. We were, indeed, very disappointed about it.

  3. What company do you plan to contract the extravaganza with next year?

    Can the Beatles perform again next year? They exceeded all expectations!

  4. Hi Anonymous!

    Since we're still working out all of the details from this year, we have not yet begun to plan the festivities for next year! Rest assured, we will indeed have fireworks next year as our unique fireworks are one of our biggest events!

    Glad you enjoyed the Beatles! We've gotten a lot of wonderful feedback about them that we promise to keep in mind when scheduling our 2011 fireworks event!