Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Filling The Root Cellar Fall 2010

This past Monday, our Pioneers filled their root cellar with vegetables to store until spring. We could hardly believe that it was time already, as it seems like they just opened it, opening weekend of the season this past May. 

 The Cellar. 
Our cellar has evolved over time from just a hole in the ground, to the current design which includes framed in sides and a french drain. 

 It's fairly deep.

Crating the vegetables for the winter.
We keep our vegetables in separate crates and insulate them with straw.

 This year's store includes giant turnips, potatoes & carrots.
All of these vegetables were grown at the museum this season.

Packing the cellar with the crates of vegetables.

After the crates are in, the entire cellar is stuffed with straw for insulation. 

All the way to the top!

A heavy tight fitting cover is put on top of it.
Notice how the cellar is slanted to let water run easily off of it.

And our vegetables are snug until spring!

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