Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Greene Collection-Men's Coats

This week, or selections from the Greene Collection features men's clothing for the first time.

It's important to note that one of the reasons that the collection is so important is because it includes a wide variety of mens clothing items from the 19th century. Typically, mens clothes are harder to find than women's, with work clothing, being particularly scarce. We'll highlight some typical work clothing in the near future.

Today, however, we are focusing on some beautiful men's coats.

Our first piece is from 1845-1855 and is made of a fine black broadcloth. It is double-breasted, has very wide notched lapels and is entirely hand stitched. The skirt and side back are lined with greenish wool or mohair brocade. The front and sides are padded and there are no pockets except for 2 hidden in the back. The buttons are cut velvet covered and the sleeve vents have 3 small satin covered buttons,, underarm seam.

Our second coat, from 1820-1825 is entirely hand stitched in a blue/white diamond twill check cotton. It is double breasted with a fairly narrow high-standing collar. There are 4 buttons on each side, round tails with self buttons at each side. It has pockets toward back. It has a relatively wide back and long, narrow sleeves with slight fullness near top. It also has a deep faux cuff with two small self buttons.

This coat, cuts a particularly fine silhouette for a gentleman.


  1. Beautiful. I absolutely love your posts on the historical clothing collection!


  2. The Greene collection mens overcoats I love so much, they are a must collection most of us know.