Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day 4 of the 19th century Salute to Seniors

Our word for today is actually a saying: Some Pumpkins, which means something or someone impressive. "One of them thinks he's got a horse that's some pumpkins." from A Quarter Horse Race in Kentucky, 1846.

Today we continue to have demonstrations in cheesemaking, pottery, basket-making and selling, and 19th century dancing.
Our tastings are shrub, jam, and herbed butter.
You can try your hand at kneading bread, 19th c. games and dancing, fly tying, sweet bags, tin ornaments, and teacup quilts. 
Our trolley will be on hand to assist in transportation needs. 
The Garden Pavilion restaurant is open for drinks and Ice Cream! 
There is a dulcimer concert on the Livingston Backus porch featuring some talented local players.
You can also meet a person from 1830 at our "Grand Tour" performance. Mrs. Winner has been traveling in the area and will relate many of her tales to you. Followed by light refreshments!

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