Friday, September 9, 2011

Day three of the 19th century Salute to Seniors

Continuing with our Salute to Seniors week, our word for today is Slantindicular, which means slanting. "The roads on Flint Hill are very slantindicular."

Some special events for today are the Victorian tea in the Garden Pavilion, a Walking Victorian Fashion Tour, black powder demonstration. There will also be fly tying and casting, and butter churning.
Our concert for today is an organ concert in the Brooks Grove Church at 3pm.
Visitors can try various tastings such as herbed butter, shrub, and jam as well as crafts like punched Tin ornaments. As always, our 19th c. games are up and running and we welcome you to the Grieve's Brewery where our brewmaster will explain the mysteries of the brewing process! We hope you'll join us. It's going to be a lovely day!

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