Friday, April 13, 2012

Foodways Symposium Reflections

We would like to thank everyone who attended Deborah Peterson's Pantry and GCV&M's Historic Foodways Symposium "A Ploughman's Lunch - Bread, Cheese, Pickles and Beer" the weekend of March 31st. The feedback we have recieved has been wonderful.

"The workshops were great, very informative and fun to boot.  While I like research, nothing beats hands on in some things.  I just wish there was some way to clone myself so I could have taken the Brewing workshop too." Donna L Cole
"I ditto all you've said, and want to add how much I enjoyed being at Genessee Country Village& Museum. This was truly a cut above as a place for hands-on workshops. The meeting and eating and shopping area was perfect! I will definitely make a point of visiting there again. And Deb, I do hope you have future symposia there!" Katy Hayes

 "The symposium was excellent. I want to learn as much as I can about 18th & 19th century foodways." anonymous

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  1. Deb's symposia are always worthwhile and this one was no exception. The speakers on Saturday were great, and so were the workshops on Friday & Sunday. The setting was fantastic. Genesee County Village and Museum is definitely not your run of the mill venue. What can be better than learning to cook period items in a period setting from extremely knowledgeable teachers? I would recommend that anyone who gets the chance to visit this place do so, I know I’ll be going back.