Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hands-On at the Romulus Female Seminary

Another new feature this year at the museum, are changes to the Romulus Female Seminary.

Hand Graining The Desks
The seminary has undergone a remarkable transformation!

The new seminary includes an old and valuable piano forte, teacher's desk, chalk board and large maps that were reproduced onto canvas for us. The desks were handmade and hand grained by museum volunteers and staff. There will be a wood stove in the middle of the room to keep the pupils and teacher warm on cold days. An art teacher designed a script alphabet that will be posted around the room as well as rules for conduct in the classroom. We also removed the back door of the building to more closely resemble a school house of the period.

As exciting as the physical transformations are, the hands-on additions are equally special as well.

We will be offering actual 19th-century style lessons to school groups. Lessons will be offered in Botany, Geography, based on New York State maps and Calligraphy. The classes will commence with a ringing of the school bell and will then divide into boys and girls before the lesson begins. Students will have pastels, pen and ink at their desk.

School groups that are interested should contact the program registrar at (585) 538-6822, ext 210.

Funding for this project was provided by generous grants from The M & T Charitable Foundation, the Guido and Ellen Palma Foundation and the Ames-Amzalak Memorial Trust.


  1. As a teacher, I can't wait to bring my students the Seminary!

  2. My daughter will love to see this -- she has read the Little House books so many times, I'm sure this will remind her of the schools that Laura attended -- although a little fancier than Laura's, I would imagine!