Thursday, May 27, 2010

Village Craftspeople-Showcasing A Dying Art

One of the many wonderful things about the village are all of the items that our craftspeople hand make.

Along with enabling the public to see what is, in many cases, a dying art, our village crafts people also provide us with things that we use in the village such as yarn for weaving, bowls for our cooks, buckets for our brewery and vinegar and brooms for our many residences. All of these items are avaliable for purchase in our store or for a suggested donation at the actual craftsman's village location.

This past Thursday as I was walking the village I stopped into the blacksmith's shop. He was making handles for 2 cast iron cooking pots that will be used by our village cooks.

The potter was making saucers and when I admired his work and inquired about a flower pot that I have seen in many village locations, he offered to make me one for purchase. A flower pot handmade especially for me! You don't get that most places.

We also have crafts people making brooms, coopers making buckets, tinsmiths who make a variety of kitchen implements, blacksmiths making wall hooks and S-hooks as well as hand forged nails.

A real deal are the broadsides printed at the print office.

I recently brought home one that featured a catalog of "Apple Trees Cultivated And For Sale" at a nursery by my childhood home as well as a sign advertising for a "Smart Girl".

This is possibly the cheapest "antique " art that you can find at $.50 each or 3 for $1.

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