Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New at The Davis Opera House-Made to Measure

New at the Davis Opera House this year is the "Made to Measure" exhibit.

The exhibit, which features, countless antique items designed to measure, include surveying equipment, household/kitchen measures as well as a number of measuring tools used by various craftsmen.

There is a hands-on activity featuring a traveling measure that would have been for measuring distance around a wheel or round surface.

There are many items of note in this exhibit, one of which is a glass measuring cup that measures pounds of dry material such as flour or sugar. Depending on what the ingredient is, the line is in a different place, being that flour and sugar have different weights by volume! The cup was made in Rochester NY, the original Flour City!

Especially spectacular is the copy book of Christian Metz, a 12 year old boy, 1804. The copy book would have been his text book, hand copied by him from a teacher's text. The book was created from the time that he was 12-15 years old. His script and penmanship are literally a work of art. If you take a closer look at the picture you will note that there are no lines at all on the paper he is using! Amazing! The book features many pages of weights and measures.

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