Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Join Us This Weekend For Our Annual Civil War Reenactment

Calling all Civil War buffs!

This coming weekend, the village will be transformed into a small Virginia town in 1863 as the Civil War explodes around the village during our annual Civil War Reenactment.

You'll be able to watch as battles rage in the village square and in our open field. There will be cannon fire and mounted cavalry units in battle and military exercises. Soldiers will commandeer the village square and station both Union and Confederate troops in village homes. You can visit both Confederate and Union Camps and experience how daily life in a 19th century village was impacted when armies moved through villages taking over people’s homes and confiscating supplies.

Our re-enactment is the largest of its kind in New York State with over 1000 reenactors, both military, civilian and a cavalry charge.

There will be period music concerts, period clothing demonstrations and depictions of all aspects of daily life in a time of war in many locations around the village as well as specialty shopping.

“We strive to set high standards for our reenactment events,” says Director of Special Events, Melanie Neth “All units are vetted and attend by invitation only to give our event the highest level of quality and authenticity.”

Battles to win the War Between the States will be fought daily at noon and 2 pm.


  1. The 1st New York Light Artillery Battery L has received orders to report and move in support of the Army's movements through Virginia.


  2. I'm so excited about this! Not only is it the first Civil War reenactment I will have ever attended, but it's also the first one I will have ever been a reenactor for! I have a new dress and everything =)

  3. Alli-

    How exciting for you! It's always fun to see people all in costume! We hope you have a great time!