Friday, July 9, 2010

Raining Outside? Consider a Visit to GCV!

As I sit here in my kitchen watching the rain come down outside I'm thinking I might be a nice time to visit the museum. My husband and I are big museum goers (GCV and otherwise) and often find that the nicest times we've had occur at time that other people don't consider visiting.

Don't believe me? Here are but a few reasons to visit in the rain:

1)The village is operational even when it rains.

2) Although the GCV is considered an open air museum, one thing to remember is that all of our exhibits are buildings. That you can go in to.

3) The museum is relatively uncrowded in the rain. If you've never been to the museum with few people in it, it's a different experience that when it is bustling with visitors. Both scenarios are fun but a rainy day provides you a chance to see the village in a quieter moment and appreciate it's beauty and stillness.

4) Because of #3, our interperters see very few people on rainy days. They are just waiting for the chance to see and speak with people-You'll have them all to yourselves for as many questions as you want. Your kids can churn butter and pound corn all day if they want to.

5) Ever thought about how cosy it is to come out of the rain into one of our buildings that has a nice fire going?

6) Our "roads" are gravel covered so you aren't likely to get very dirty, even in the rain.

7) It was not always sunny and bright in the 19th century. A visit on a rainy day gives you one more way to envision life in the 19th century.

Have I convinced you yet? The next time you're looking for something to do on a rainy day, don't rule out the museum-grab an umbrella or a raincoat and head on over!


  1. We love the museum in the rain! If you forget an umbrella or a raincoat...the giftshop has adorable ponchos! We got some when we were caught in the rain on opening day. Our children love the schoolhouse in the rain!

  2. I agree Jen....non-busy days are the best at the village. We learn something new every time we are there and when you can chat more, you learn more. My son just loves the kitchens ~ especially when cheese is being made!!

  3. We were there in the rain last year and it didn't "dampen" our good time at all! ;) And you are right -- it is so peaceful to walk around the village when there are not as many people, and it is so cozy to go into the buildings and get out of the rain!

  4. We were there yesterday and got caught in a huge downpour; it was so wonderful to stand on the back porch of the Mackay house and watch the rain!!!

  5. I love historic sites in the rain, especially GCVM. Once you are inside, the rain is a nice 'excuse' to stay a while long and really look and learn. The rain gives you permission in your otherwise rushed life, to just stop for a moment. When you take this time you see things you don't always see and get talking with the interpreters about the most interesting stories. Then, if the rain really picks up, it is a good time to visit the art gallery.