Thursday, July 15, 2010

Read All About It-All Around The Village

We have so much going on around the village this week/weekend I thought I would give you a quick news brief!

Everyone is gearing up for the civil war reenactment this weekend. As I walked around the village today I saw a few soldiers scoping out the battle terrain. Our historic foodways cooks were baking up 800 Rosewater Currant Cakes. These will be available for $1 donation at the Altay store this weekend. Don’t let the number fool you-These are sure to sell out so make your way over there early!  I had one, they are delicious.

Our Gardens are bursting with new produce and this Friday (the 16th) we will be making pickles at the Jones farm with our bumper crop of cucumbers. We’re closely watching our elberberries as they are almost perfect and I saw one of our gardeners sneaking a bite out of a peach that was almost ripe today. Because of the warm weather and rain all of our vegetables and flowers are earlier than usual. The Jones Farm and Pioneer Gardens look like they may have record harvests this year!

We’ve stepped up our brewing at the W. Grieve Brewery even more and now you can see different aspects of brewing on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday.

Over at Foster-Tufts we’re ending the birth portion of our “Stages of Life” exhibit and we will begin the marriage portion. It will run until September. It's as interesting as the birth program so make sure you check it out!

It's supposed to be a beautiful weekend for the War Between The States! We have 2 battles per day-One in the village and one in an open field.  It's an event not to be missed!


  1. We definitely are trying to get out there this weekend! I can vouch for those cookies! They were great the weekend my family tried them!!

  2. You'd better guard those gardens with your lives this weekend--soldiers have NO scruples when it comes to foraging! ;-)

  3. Thomas! Perhaps I should have waited until after the war to mention the gardens!