Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Count Down to Opening Day: What is New in 2012 - 10 Days until Opening Day

On this 10th day of our Count Down to Opening Day, we are looking at this incredible tin box made by our master Tinsmith, Jim Nicoll.

This large tin box will be used for storing bread according to the recommendation of Eliza Leslie.
"As soon as the bread is quite done, take out the loaves, wrap each tightly in a clean coarse cloth, damped by sprinkling with water, and stand them on their edges. This will prevent the crust from becoming too hard. Keep the loaves wrapped up after they are deposited in the bread box."
The breadbox is approx 11" by 22" by 11" with 8 decorative panels including a heart and diamond motif as well as traditional circle design created with the use of a compass. The lid will hinge from behind when finished.

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