Saturday, May 5, 2012

Opening Day - 19th Century Fashion

Please join us for Opening Day on Saturday, May 12 as we devote the day to 19th century fashion.
Join us as we take a look at the fashions of the 19th century. Afternoon fashion shows will focus on ladies’ dresses and undergarments worn in New York State during the 1800s. The first of three shows occurs at 12:30pm and will feature how women's dress has evolved over the entire century. Two additional fashion shows will focus on Civil War era clothing and the slender sillouettes of the Jane Austen era of the Regency period at 2pm and 3:30pm respectively.

Speak with re-enactors and townsfolk about the clothing styles of the period and see some of the museum's newest dresses modeled in their period settings as "Fashion in Action" in the following places:

•1820s: Keiffer's Place

•1840s: Dressmaker's Shop

•1830s: Hosmer's Inn

•1850s: Jones Farm

•1860s: Livingston-Backus mansion

•1870s: Hyde House

Additional Activities Offered on Opening Day:

•View antique hand bags and purses on display from the Susan Greene Collection

•Meet the farm animals down at the Pioneer Farmstead

•"Petticoat Tails" Tasting at Jones Farm - find out how this shortbread got its name!

•Try your hand at making a tin ornament at the Tinsmith Shop ($)

•See how villagers dyed brightly colored fabrics at the Humphrey House

•Visit the Dressmaker's Shop and speak with the master seamstress about fashion plates - pictoral descriptions of clothing from yesteryear

•Watch as the Dressmaker creates a sunbonnet from scratch

•Babies wore significantly different clothing than they do now - found out how infants were dressed at the Foster-Tufts house

•Ladies from the village will be gathered at Jones Farm for a community quilting bee - visit them and see the many sewing projects they are working on

•Play and frolic on the village square with an array of period games and toys

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