Thursday, May 3, 2012

Count Down to Opening Day: What is New in 2012 - 9 Days until Opening Day

On the 9th day of our Count Down to Opening Day, we are looking at what will be new in textiles this season.

As we speak, or read and write as the case may be, shipments of natural dye stuffs are arriving for use this season.
Expect to see new colors in dye pots and on drying racks when you visit our newest dyeing location next to the new woodshed at Kieffer this season.  Visit the dye pots at Humphrey on opening day to see what a tiny beetle and dyeing have in common. Below, you see just 5 of these ingredients.
One area of textiles is of course clothing. Over the winter our costume department and interpreters have been busy making more accurate period attire. We think you will find they look amazing.

This corded petticoat, an important support garment reproduced from one in the Greene Collection, is just one of the many new pieces of clothing you may, or may not, see in the village this year.
 In addition to these new changes:
- A corded petticoat will be woven at Humphrey
- Spinning will be found in Foster-Tuffs
- A quilting bee in Jones old kitchen for opening day
-  Flax processing down at the Hetchler barn

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