Monday, May 21, 2012

Recreating Stereo Photography at the GCV&M by David Damico

Since 1838, photography has been debated as documentary or art. Early admirers of the photographic image thought it divine since the imagery portrayed the real world in such vivid detail as given by the Creator. To this day, there is an ongoing discussion about photography as documentary or art. As a photographer myself, I believe it can be both.
Genesee Country Museum is now proud to present stereo photographs of the Great Meadow and the Historic Village by village interpreter, David Damico (myself), available in the Flint Hill Gift Store. The photos are of many of the historic buildings in the village as well as interpreters of the trades and domestic services. I have been a regular, seasonal interpreter in the Village Print Office for the past three seasons. The images were shot during the three season period using two types of cameras, a film based, “Stereo Realist” camera and the digital, Fuji, W3, Stereo camera. Both types of images are offered.

The stereo photos are mounted side by side on a card. The edges of each card have been letterpress printed with the name and website of the museum, a blending of tradition with modern technology. The backsides of the card feature information on the scene or building as in the antique cards. Each card is protected by a sleeve and fits any antique or modern reproduction stereoscope. The smaller lorgnette viewers are available for purchase in the Flint Hill Gift Store. More images will be added as the season progresses.

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