Thursday, May 10, 2012

Count Down to Opening Day: What is New in 2012 - 2 Days until Opening Day - Sugaring Flowers

This year on the GCV&M blog, we will regularly share recipies from the historic foodways department. To kick us off, here is a spring time favorite:

As the flowers are blossoming, this is the ideal time for sugaring flowers.
Here you can see violets, both the flowers and leaves, as well as mint leaves.

 A lovely accompaniment is this beautifully colored jelly.  To get this color, simply add a little fruit juice to Ms. Acton's reciept below.
Eliza Acton explains one method of making Apple Jelly in her “Modern Cookery” (1845)
Apple Calf’s Feet Jelly.
Pour a quart of prepared apple juice on a pound of fresh apples pared and cored, and simmer them until they are well-broken; strain the juice, and let it stand until cold; them measure, an put a pint and a half of it into a stewpan with a quart of calf’s feet stock, nine ounces of sugar broken small or roughly pounded, the juice of two fine lemons, and the thin rinds of one and a half, with the whites and shells of eight eggs. Let it boil gently for ten minutes, then strain it through a flannel-bag, and when cool put into moulds. It will be very clear, and firm, and of a pleasant flavour.

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