Friday, June 11, 2010

1803 Fat Ox Ale Now Avaliable!

We are pleased to announce that our W. Grieve Brewery is up and running! We will brew for the first time this coming Saturday and are excited to share it with you.!

In addition, our 1803 Fat Ox Ale is avaliable in our Freight House and Depot Restaurants.

Pints are $3.75 and Glass Growlers are $15 the first time and $10 for each fill up after that.
Initial tasting yielded great reviews!

1803 Fat Ox Ale in One of Our New Glass Growlers!


  1. I had my first pint of Fat Ox Ale last night. Exceptional! It has an excellent malty flavor with a very nice authentic cloudiness in the glass. Well done!! I look forward to a pint or two this evening! Cheers!

  2. I don't usually get to the Museum until October for the Agricultural Fair... will there be any sold around at that time to taste? Is the little diner near the front of the museum one of the named places it is sold? This is intriguing!

  3. FisherMom-

    We certainly will be selling it then! It is avaliable by the glass and by the growler. And yes, our two restaurants, The Freight House and The Depot both have 1903 Fat Ox Ale.