Sunday, June 20, 2010

Extreme Makeover-Romulus Female Seminary Edition

As many of you are aware, we have made many changes to the Romulus Female Seminary this year. If you have not yet been out to take a look at the new classroom we think you will be amazed at the transformation. We've taken this building from being a relatively similar exhibit each year and created a gorgeous hands on 19th century classroom!

For more about the seminary and the hands-on activities click here for an earlier post.
Cloak Room With Hand Grained Paneling

Handmade Wash Stand

Student's View

Teacher's Desk
Historic Reproduction Maps
Wall of 19th Century Educational Materials


  1. it is quite the change.. the graining work is impeccable!

  2. It looks like a new place! I remember occassionally interpreting the there a full time interpreter assigned there these days? How fun!

  3. Susan,

    It is staffed each weekend and most weekdays during the summer months!

  4. The Seminary looks much more accessible. One of the challenges to visiting the Seminary was that there was so much to see that you couldn't really get to see. It looks like people will be able to walk around and get a better look now. Is this correct?