Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Baseball Season Kicks Off & Fathers Get in Free On Sunday

This Sunday, in celebration of Father's Day, all Dads get free admission to the museum!

This Sunday also marks the kickoff of the men's 2010 Baseball Season with a doubleheader of 1865 base ball at Silver Base Ball Park that begins at Noon. Our ladies league kicks off their season at 1pm on Saturday.

The museum boasts 4 mens teams and 2 ladies teams. We have our very own baseball park and all of our players wear vintage uniforms and play by old time rules. It's a great time to compare today's game to the one played in the 19th century. From no gloves, to no infield fly rule (and who can remember that one anyway?) it's entertaining and educational at the same time.

Period costumes, rules and etiquette are meticulously adhered to by our four local teams and visiting opponents. The hawkers ply vintage snacks. Boys man the scoreboard. And unattended ladies are asked to sit in the appropriate section to avoid scandal!

Our Silver Base Ball Park is the first and finest 19th-century replica ball park in the nation!

For more information about our Father's Day Celebration check out our website.

Mens 2010 Baseball Schedule
Ladies 2010 Baseball Schedule

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