Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Changes at Kieffer's Place

In anticipation of our new Midwifery program we revamped Kieffer's place for the experience.

The walls were whitewashed which give the space an authentic and much brighter look inside. The interior doors (which, along with the hardware, are original to the house) were painted a brilliant blue. This blue, was one of the original paint colors as determined by our resident historic paint expert Steve Jordan. The kitchen area was outfitted with a new kettle from Colonial Williamsburgh that our blacksmith forged a handle for and the pantry was stocked with pottery, brooms and a churn from our village artisans.

The ropes were taken down from the front rooms so visitors may now explore the entire first floor.

Outside, a garden was planted on the right side of the house which includes herbs that a midwife would have used in her practice.

Now all we need are patients! Any takers?

*Note-Broom making, which had been taking place in the building, has been moved to the Shaker's Trustee building.


  1. Oh. My. Goodness. As if I needed another reason to have(yet) another baby... I would totally do this!