Monday, June 14, 2010

White Cotton Dress With Tassel Ties, 1815

The first piece of clothing from the Greene Collection that we are highlighting is a gorgeous White Cotton Dress with Tassel Ties, 1815.

This dress is entirely hand stitched fine white cotton. It has a stomacher front opening with a very high waist and long tubular sleeves and a small collar. The skirt is gored and the plied string ties with tassels fasten in the front. It has domed Dorset buttons which are a masterpiece themselves!

This dress is from an Interlaken antique dealer. There are many pieces from this dealer in the collection and they all came from the same attic!


  1. So beautiful! I bet this is an amazing collection. I look forward to viewing more!

    --Samantha, museumgirl22
    Musings from a Museum Intern

  2. Samantha-It is a really wonderful collection! You're going to love the posts that we have planned about it!